How to Cancel NSFAS Application

How to Cancel NSFAS Application-Remember 10 Points You Never Know Before

The NSFAS is a financial aid scheme that awards funds to undergraduate students to meet their economic and educational expenses once they submit an NSFAS application and wish to cancel the application

The reason may vary from case to case. Some of you want to know a way to cancel the application, and others wish to reapply their application. In the first case, your reason for cancellation application is to provide an opportunity for deserving students. However, in the second case, if you want to approve or make your application, you feel your mistakes after applying. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the complete method of how to cancel your NSFAS application for 2024.

How to Cancel NSFAS Application

Multiple reasons can cause you to cancel your application with NSFAS. If you no longer require this facility, you should know how to cancel your application to provide an opportunity for other students who are waiting for it. Here’s a complete guide to canceling your NSFAF application by visiting NSFAS login portal:-

  • Visit Google search, type NSFAS, and enter. You can also write the link to the website and proceed.
  • After this, write your ID number and secured password in the relevant boxes. 
  • Now tick on the small box for confirmation that “You are not a robot,” and click on the option “Login.”
  • Locate the tab “View Application” and click on this option. 
  • After this, a window called “All Applications” will be opened.
  • Click now on the option “Track Application”.
  • Now, you’ve reached your desired place to “Cancel Application” by clicking on it. 
  • You must write a reason for canceling the application with NSFAS. You can choose the reason from a list. 
  • Then, the NSFAS system will require a certified copy of your Identity Card for security reasons. Now upload your ID in PDF or JPEG.
  • In the last step, click on the tab “Yes Cancel.” That’s it—your process to cancel the NSFAS application has been completed.

Tip of Day

Your Identity Card(ID) should be in PDF or JPEG Format with 20mbs Maximum size.

If you are unable to access the internet, there’s another option to withdraw your application. You can convey formally by writing a letter to NSFAS stating your reasons for cancellation of the application. It can be handwritten or typed. You can send this letter to the NSFAS office with a certified copy of your ID as a reference.

How to Cancel NSFAS Application-Video Guide

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Complete Address For Cancellation Of Application

There’s another important and easy way to cancel your application. Write a formal letter to NSFAS describing the reason for canceling your application, if you cannot access it through the Internet. It’s your choice to write a letter in hand and type it on your computer.

You’ll post this letter to the NSFAS office with a certified copy of your Identity Card as a reference. You will write the following address to cancel the application: “National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) The Halyard, 4 Christiaan Barnard St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa”.


At the end of this article, we are sure you have understood the way to cancel your application and thoroughly know how to cancel your NSFAS application in just a few simple steps. 

This article will help save your precious time and resources, and the funds will go to a needy and deserving student who requires this financial support. If you want to ask any questions related to this topic, feel free to contact our team by sending your message through the comments box.


If you desire to know how to cancel NSFAS application on your laptop, you should follow this method for doing so:-

  • Visit the MyNSFAS login page and enter your details, such as your username and secured password. 
  • Locate the option “View Applications” on the dashboard under that tracker and select it.
  • Now select “Track Application” and “Cancel Application“.

Please note the reason for the cancellation of your application and upload a certified copy of your ID. Upon confirmation of cancellation, your NSFAS online application will be successfully canceled. 

Remember, canceling your NSFAS application and reapplying again will not influence your approval or successful feedback. There may be multiple reasons that an applicant will opt to cancel and reapply for funding. The most important thing is to follow the process and meet the criteria in letter and spirit.

NSFAS will only entertain those applications that meet the exact requirements. The same thing should be remembered while reapplying for your application. The applicants can cancel and reapply within the due date specified by NSFAS. You can easily reapply your NSFAS application online after cancellation if you meet the NSFAS criteria. 

If you’ve made up your mind to cancel your NSFAS application, the following things can happen; you should remember:-

  1. Before Approval: Your NSFAS application will be terminated if you cancel it before approval. However, you will still be eligible to earn money if you withdraw your application before approval.
  2. After Approval: Legally, you are bound to follow a commitment to using the NSFAS funding only for academic purposes and can not be used for another purpose when you accept the funding. 
  3. Future Eligibility: When you cancel your application, your future eligibility will be questioned, and it may also affect your enrollment status at your desired institution. 
  4. Reapplication: Reapplication is a good option if you meet the NSFAS funding criteria. You may reapply if you withdraw your initial application. 

 If you’re already receiving funding from NSFAS, you should contact NSFAS support to withdraw your application. It’s a better way to interact with the NSFAS to ensure your smooth line and successful academic journey. 

If you do not desire to cancel your NSFAS application and apply again, you have the opportunity to edit/correct it and resubmit your application. You have the facility to fix any issues, whether they are mistakes in your details or uploading documents. You can do it in a short moment. 

If you wish to cancel your NSFAS application online for 2024, you should follow these simple and easy steps:-

  1. Write NSFAS in Google Search, enter it, and click on the first website.
  2. Now, enter your ID number and secured password. 
  3. After confirmation that “You are not a robot,” click on “log in.”
  4. Locate the tab “View Applications” and click on it.
  5. A window will appear stating “All Applications”.
  6. Now click on the option’ “Track Application“.
  7. Choose the option now, “Cancel Application.”

If you do not require your NSFAS profile and want to cancel it. For cancellation of your NSFAF profile you should follow these steps:-

  1. Type NSFAS in Google Search and enter after this click on the first website NSFAS.
  2. Now click on the tab “MyNSFAS“.
  3. After this log in to your account with your username and secured password.
  4. Now choose the option “Track Funding Progress“.
  5. After this click on the option “Cancel Application”.
  6. If you feel that you have no more requirements for an NSFAS profile. You have to write a self-explanatory request to NSFAS to delete your profile.
  7. You can email your request to the NSFAS office for this purpose.

You’ve to provide a certified copy of your ID and a reason for the cancellation of your profile. After complete confirmation, your NSFAS online profile will be canceled. 

No, you should follow the due date and times. It’s recommended that you submit and cancel your application within the given time. Otherwise, it will not be entertained.

The cancellation process is online, and it takes no time to take any action. You can do it in a few moments according to your desire.

No, the applicants will not be eligible for funds who have deregistered themselves from NSFAS-funded institutes or courses. 

If you are an applicant who deregistered yourself from your course, you must apply again to NSFAS to get funds by following the complete process.

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