How to Fill NSFAS Consent Form

How to Fill NSFAS Consent Form-How Do I Submit the NSFAS Consent Form in 2024

While applying for a bursary or a loan through NSFAS, you’ll be asked to submit a consent form for the completion of your online application. Some of you don’t have the experience to fill out the NSFAS consent form. This article will help you how to fill NSFAS consent form online.

This consent form has important contact information for your parents or guardians. The main aim of this consent form is to obtain permission from your parents or guardians so that NSFAS may verify your provided personal information, such as household income and employment details, from 3rd parties. NSFAS requires this consent form as it must adhere to the laws that protect the confidentiality and privacy of the individuals involved.

What is the NSFAS Consent Form?

This form permits NSFAS to verify the financial information you provide in your application while applying for NSFAS funds. In the verification process, various institutions in South Africa are contacted, including the South African Revenue Service (SARS), to verify your household income details and those of your parents/guardian/spouse(if applicable).

After signing your consent form, you acknowledge and permit that the information you provided is accurate, and NSFAS can verify the information provided in the consent form.  How to fill NSFAS consent form pdf which is available let us download and fill it out. 

How Do I Submit the NSFAS Consent Form?

Do you know how to submit NSFAS consent form? If not, read it thoroughly. There are two options for submission of consent form after completing your consent form:

  1. Online:
    • First of all, log in to your myNSFAS account by clicking on the link:
    • Find the option “Supporting Documents” section.
    • Search the option for uploading the duly completed consent form.
    • Ensure your scanned documents are clear and legible.
    • In the last step of this, click on the option “Submit” to upload the form.
  2. By Mail:
    • Take a printed, clear copy of the duly completed consent form.
    • This copy should be signed by you and your parent/guardian/spouse (if applicable)
    • Now, send this signed form to the NSFAS address (The Halyard, 4 Christiaan Barnard St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town).

Step-by-Step Guide to NSFAS Consent Form Submission

How to complete NSFAS consent form? By following this step-by-step guide to NSFAS Consent Form Submission, you can do it easily:

Step 1: Understanding the Consent Form Requirement

Before filling out the consent form, you should read it thoroughly and understand its requirements. This form is a crucial document that allows NSFAS to verify your income with your consent. The verification process is mandatory before determining your eligibility criteria for NSFAS funds.

Step 2: Accessing the NSFAS Consent Form

Download NSFAS Consent-Form 2024

Step 3: Filling Out the NSFAS Consent Form

  1. To fill out the consent form, download it and open
  2. You are advised to read the consent form completely before filling it out.
  3. Fill in all the necessary details:
    • Fill in all the Applicant’s details, such as full name, ID number, and contact information.
    • The complete details of the Parents/Guardian/Spouse and their full names, ID numbers, employment status, and income details.

Step 5: Signing the NSFAS Consent Form

  1. Take a print of the duly filled consent form.
  2. This form should be signed by you and your parent/guardian/spouse (if applicable)
  3. Get a scanned copy of the signed form for uploading.

Step 6: Uploading the NSFAS Consent Form

  1. Visit the NSFAS website or open the NSFAS mobile app.
  2. Log into your account by entering your username and password.
  3. Find the upload option for the 2024 application.
  4. To upload the signed consent form, you’ve to follow the complete instructions.
  5. Ensure the uploaded document is clear and legible in all aspects.

Step 7: Confirming Submission

  1. You will receive a confirmation email and email on your registered mobile device after successfully uploading this consent form.
  2. Always keep a copy for record.

Step 8: Awaiting Further Communication

  1. You are advised that after the submission of your consent form, check your mail and SMS regularly for any communication from NSFAS related to your application status.

Does the NSFAS Want a Consent Form?

Yes, the NSFAS wants the consent form because it is a legal requirement, and NSFAS is committed to protecting and using personal information lawfully. Besides legal responsibilities, NSFAS requires information to verify information provided by you and your family, which is given in the application when submitting your case.

For instance, NSFAS confirms the details about your employment and salary through 3rd parties such as employers. When your family signs the NSFAS consent form, they provide permission to NSFAS to verify the information given through 3rd parties and ensure that all the information provided is accurate and relevant. 

Where Do I Send My NSFAS Form?

After signing the consent form:

  • First of all, type NSFAS in Google Search and log into the MyNSFAS portal.
  • To Upload your supporting documents, click the option “Submit Documents.” If you are facing any issues, they can be resolved by submitting a clear and properly scanned document.
  • Cam Scanner is a wonderful app for scanning documents; if you are still facing any issues, visit an NSFAS or NYDA(National Youth Development Agency) office for assistance. You can also get help from your college or university.
  • You can also seek the help of your fellow in this matter.
  • After completing these steps, you can now track your application progress online.

How Do I Get an NSFAS Declaration Form?

If you’re a student who doesn’t know the whereabouts of your parents, this form is for you, in which the student officially describes the situation about his whereabouts. On this form, the signatures of social workers and school principals are sought. You can download this form from here.

Conclusion– How to Fill NSFAS Consent Form

I hope you have learnt a lot about how to fill out the NSFAS consent form easily by following the step-by-step guidance in this article. To submit your application for NSFAS funding is an art. So, every student should read this article twice to understand the process of applying properly. You’ll benefit from NSFAS funding when you know the complete process of applying for NSFAS and the required documentation.

It’s suggested that you always submit your application with NSFAS with a cool mind within due time to save yourself from inconvenience. Proper and required documentation in the desired format will enhance your chances of success. 


Unfortunately, you cannot complete the NSFAS consent form online at this time. Please download the PDF, print it, fill it out manually, and get it signed by your parents.

You can download the latest NSFAS consent form directly from their website or by searching “NSFAS Consent Form 2024” on Google, which will lead you to trusted sources like the NSFAS website or educational portals.

Not submitting the consent form to NSFAS can prevent them from verifying your financial information, potentially leading to delays or rejection of your application.

NSFAS ensures your privacy is protected. The information on your consent form is solely used to verify your financial eligibility and will not be shared with third parties for any other reason.

The processing time for the NSFAS consent form typically takes a few days. Once it’s processed, you will receive a notification from NSFAS.

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