NSFAS Reference Number

NSFAS Reference Number- How Simple To Recover It in 2024

Are you aware of the importance of the NSFAS reference number? If not, this article is for you. In simple words, this reference number is very important, and it’s a guarantee that your online application has been successfully processed and sent to NSFAS. 

This reference number also means your application has reached to quarter concerned without any issue. After applying the new students, ask different questions regarding cases; in that case, this reference number is very helpful. 

This article is a very simple and step-by-step guide about how to get your reference number.

What is an NSFAS Reference Number? 

It’s a very unique generated number issued by NSFAS well in time after applying for funding. This reference number is sent to you on the registered email address with NSFAS. It’s a consideration that your application has been received with NSFAS. 

How to Get Your NSFAS Reference Number?

When you submit your application with the relevant documents, the NSFAS student portal will be sent by NSFAS to your mobile via SMS and email for confirmation. 

This reference number is very helpful in tracking your application. To create an NSFAS account is the first step, and submit your application and required documents. You’ll receive your reference number on your registered mobile and email. 

This reference number is important for checking your application status. If you still need to receive this reference number, there may be an issue in your submission of the application. To get your reference number, please follow these three simple and easy steps:

  • Visit the official website  NSFAS.
  • Now create your myNSFAS account.
  • The NSFAS system will send a reference number through your registered mobile and email, after the completion of your application. 

You can use your reference number to log in and check your application status.

Note: It’s pertinent to mention here that If you did not receive your reference number, it means your application was not submitted properly.  

Example of an NSFAS Reference Number and Its Validity

One thing to keep in mind is that your NSFAS reference number does not expire but remains the same and valid throughout your application process. Your reference number should be like this OB7012973.

How to Retrieve NSFAS Reference Number?

NSFAS has different social media accounts to help the students; you can recover myNSFAS reference number if you lose it. You’ve to use social media accounts properly to get assistance from the NSFAS team. You can use the following social media platforms for assistance:-

 NSFAS’s dedicated team is always ready to assist you, and in this way, you can  Retrieve the NSFAS Reference Number. It’s better to save your number in your diary for use in the future. 

How to Find Your NSFAS Reference Number?

Finding the number is very simple after submitting your online application. To know this reference number is simple. Here are a few simple steps to see this unique reference number.

  • First of all, Log in to your myNSFAS Account.
  • You can see the reference number on your account dashboard. 
  • You can also get it from your email inbox by searching the number, and the same will be in your mobile message box. 

What Is the Use of NSFAS Reference Number?

While making inquiries, the applicants must use their reference number. This number is very helpful to search and check the application. You can easily track your application status by using this reference number. This number is mandatory to make all communications with NSFAS.

What to Do if I Lost My NSFAS Reference Number?

It’s a very common thing that the applicants need to remember or retain their reference number. If you face this issue, immediately contact NSFAS for assistance. You can also avail the assistance through their social media pages by describing your problem and providing your student Identity. 

In place of that, use NSFAS Connect via the student portal. Every reference number is unique, so never use someone else’s number. NSFAS support will respond to you after confirming your reference number. 

Activating Your NSFAS Student Portal

You have to follow these steps to activate your NSFAS student portal:

  • Search on Google the NSFAS website.
  • Now click on the button “MyNSFAS” at the top right corner.
  • Choose the option “Register” and enter your personal information.
  • Now create a unique username and password.
  • Go to your email inbox and a verification link, and now click on it to activate your account.

Uploading Documents to NSFAS

You should follow these steps to submit supporting documents to NSFAS:

  • Search on Google the NSFAS website
  • Now, Log in to your MyNSFAS account by using your username and password.
  • Now upload the “Upload Outstanding Supporting Documents” by clicking on this button.
  • Choose the relevant documents and click “Submit Documents.”
  • Now wait for the confirmation message that your documents have been successfully uploaded.


NSFAS is helping South African students get their financial aid for higher education. To access your funding, first of all, get your NSFAS reference number. This guide provides complete insight into creating your account, completing your profile, and applying for funding. By following this article, you are in a position to solve every issue related to the reference number. 


To upload a reference to NSFAS, you need to submit supporting documents through the NSFAS portal. Below is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on correctly uploading documents to NSFAS:

  • Search on Google the NSFAS website
  • Now, Log in to your MyNSFAS account by using your username and password.
  • Now upload the “Upload Outstanding Supporting Documents” by clicking on this button.
  • Choose the relevant documents and click “Submit Documents.”
  • Now wait for the confirmation message that your documents have been successfully uploaded.

NSFAS, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, is a South African government program that provides funding to students who cannot afford tertiary education.

As per the NSFAS, the funding facility is only for international students. This scheme is a government-sponsored program solely offered to the high school graduate of South Africa. Getting a reference number from NSFAS is the initial step in securing financial support for your educational pursuits.

Here is the simple steps guide, and you can easily create an NSFAS account, fill in the relevant information in your profile, and apply for funding. 

If you want assistance, you can contact the NSFAF team by making a telephone call by dialing 08000 67327. You simply adhere to the automated voice prompts to utilize the application status service. 

To monitor your application’s progress, having the NSFAS reference number is obligatory. This reference number is proof that your application has been submitted successfully. You can confirm approval for funding by using this number.

This reference number is key to NSFAS funding. This reference number is an acknowledgment of your application’s successful submission, as they’ll inform you of their final decision before the academic year begins.

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